Bergens Auto Body Shares What to do before you drive your new vehicle

Bergens Auto Body is a family owned SGI Elite auto body shop and a Trusted Regina collision repair expert.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like family! We are proud to have over 80 Years Auto Body Experience, and have been serving Regina Autobody needs for over 30 Years….In our latest accident prevention tips, we share info about What to do before you drive your new vehicle

What to do before you drive your new vehicle

Vehicle familiarization

Many drivers have collisions during their first week of owning a new car because they do not know where the controls are.

Whenever you get into a vehicle that is new to you, take time to find out where the controls are. You must be able to operate the windshield wipers, windshield washers, horn, lights, heater, radio, turn signals and hazard lights without looking at them. With the vehicle stationary, practise looking at the road ahead while you reach and adjust each control.

Read the owner’s manual. New vehicles have new design features that you should be familiar with if you are to drive safely and get maximum enjoyment and efficiency from your vehicle’s equipment. Visit to learn more about how to use safety technology and features such as back-up cameras, lane departure alerts, and blind spot detection.

Before you drive check that:

  • doors are properly closed (if security is an issue, you may want to lock your doors)
  • all loose objects are secured
  • your seat is properly adjusted
  • head restraints are properly adjusted
  • mirrors are properly adjusted
  • air flow regulators are adjusted (vents, heaters, air conditioning)
  • seatbelts are fastened and properly adjusted
  • bulbs in warning lights are working and the lights go out when the engine starts (see owner’s manual)

Should an engine or oil warning light come on while operating your vehicle, the cause should be determined as soon as safely possible. Continuing to drive with a warning light on may cause damage to the vehicle.


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