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Bergens Auto Body is a family owned SGI Elite auto body shop and a Trusted Regina collision repair expert.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like family! We are proud to have over 80 Years Auto Body Experience, and have been serving Regina Autobody needs for over 30 Years….In our latest accident prevention tips, we share info about the ideal drivers seating position and left foot brace.

The Ideal Drivers Seating position

If you do not sit properly, you cannot steer well nor can you use your brake or accelerator efficiently.

The proper way to sit:

  1. Sit up straight and well back into the seat. Your body should be firmly against the seat back and cushion.

Seating position

  1. Move the seat forward or backward so your right foot is placed on the floor underneath the brake. The seat should be sufficiently forward so that your right leg cannot be straightened, and remains slightly bent even when you push hard. With a manual transmission, depress the clutch with your left foot. When it is all the way down, your leg should still be slightly bent. If, with the seat adjusted as far forward as it will go, you are too far back to be in this position, pad your back with cushions.

Seating position

  1. If the seat height can be changed, adjust it so you can see over the steering wheel, preferably so that your line of vision is halfway between the top of the steering wheel and the top of the windshield. If necessary, use a cushion to raise yourself to the correct height. Try also to have at least a fist’s space between the top of your head and the roof of the vehicle. The angle of the seat should be adjusted to support your thigh, but you should not have to use excessive force to depress any pedal to the floor.
  2. Adjust your seat so that your arms are slightly bent when you reach out and grasp the steering wheel in a “9 and 3” or “8 and 4” position. (See Steering)

Seating position

  1. Adjust the head restraint so that the top edge is level with the top of your head.

Seating position

Left foot brace

The left foot brace refers to the bracing of your left foot against the firewall (located below and behind the pedals separating the engine from the driving compartment) to support you and to keep you firmly in your seat.

Place your left foot against the firewall and push whenever you need stability such as when negotiating a curve, when braking, in an emergency or on slippery pavement.

Bracing with your left foot helps you steer easily and well because you are not leaning on the wheel. Also, if you are not supporting your weight on the heel of your right foot, it is free to brake and accelerate with greater precision and control.

The fact that you need a left foot brace for controlled driving means you cannot use your left foot to brake. Always brake with your right foot.

Left foot brace

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