Why Head Restraints and Mirror Adjustments Are Important for Safe Driving

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Vehicle designers must prevent injury and reduce the seriousness of injury in crashes by building safety features into the design of every vehicle.

Important vehicle safety features: head restraints and mirror adjustments.

Head restraints.

In some vehicles, the head restraints are built into the seat, while in others you have to adjust them.

If your vehicle is hit from behind, or if you hit someone in front, you are much less likely to suffer a whiplash injury to your neck if your head restraint is properly adjusted.

Adjust the height of the head restraint for each driver or passenger. The protection afforded is well worth the effort.

Adjust the pad of the restraint to support the back of your head. The top of your head restraint should never be lower than the top of your head.

head restraints and mirror adjustments

Mirror adjustment

Proper mirror adjustment is critical to safe driving. The following page outlines an excellent method to adjust your vehicle’s mirrors to maximize your view of the road. Remember, always adjust your mirrors before you start to drive.

Begin with the rear-view mirror. Adjust the mirror so that you are able to see as much of the rear window as possible. While adjusting the mirror, aim to keep your head in the same position as it will be when you are actually driving your vehicle.

Adjusting your side mirror is a little more difficult. First, lean to the left so that your forehead is barely touching the side window. Then move the mirror so that you can just see the left side of your vehicle.

To adjust the right side mirror, position your head toward the centre of your vehicle. Adjust the mirror so that it shows just a sliver of the right side of your vehicle.

By setting mirrors so the driver can see both sides of the vehicle from the driving position, the same image will appear in all three mirrors. By setting them so the driver has to lean to see the sides of the car, the outside mirrors continue on where the inside mirror leaves off – significantly reducing the blind spot.

Another advantage of positioning your mirrors this way is that it reduces headlight glare from vehicles travelling behind you.

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