Bergens Auto ​Body Tip -The Importance Of Airbags

Importance Of Airbags

Bergens Auto Body is a family owned SGI Elite auto body shop and a Trusted Regina collision repair expert.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like family! We are proud to have over 80 Years Auto Body Experience, and have been serving Regina Autobody needs for over 30 Years….In our latest accident prevention tips, we share info about airbags.


Major automobile manufacturers are now equipping many vehicles with airbags as standard or optional equipment. The tough fabric bags inflate in crashes over 16 km/h, cushioning an occupant’s neck, head and chest in moderate to severe impact.

Children should never be put in the front seat of cars equipped with passenger-side airbags. The force of an airbag deploying is enough to critically injure or kill an infant or small child.

Airbags are not a replacement for seatbelts. Seatbelts alone provide all the protection a person needs in low and moderate-speed impacts. Airbags are most effective in high-speed crashes, where they often prevent serious injury.

Driver-side and passenger-side airbags are common features in newer automobiles. Airbags are also installed in the doors of some cars to prevent passengers from hitting their heads against the windows or pillars of the car during a collision.

Occupants must wear seatbelts to protect themselves in these circumstances and to ensure that in the event of a frontal crash, they remain in the seating position necessary for airbags to be effective.

Air bags

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