What happens when vehicles are towed to Bergens Auto Body & Collision Centre?

vehicles are towed

Bergens Auto Body is a family owned SGI Elite auto body shop and a Trusted Regina collision repair expert.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like family! We are proud to have over 80 years of auto body experience and have been serving Regina Autobody needs for over 30 Years. In our latest Bergens Auto Body and Collision Centre tip, we share info on the steps that take place when vehicles are towed to our collision repair shop.

Many vehicles get towed to Bergens Auto Body and Collision Centre each year. 

When a vehicle gets towed to our facility this means that the vehicle is not driveable.  In fact, in many cases, the vehicles are towed to our facility or taken off the road because they are deemed unsafe to drive. If it has been a couple of weeks and the vehicle is due to leave SGI as a tow to get fixed by Bergen’s, this does not necessarily mean that it is scheduled to be worked on immediately.  Before we even start fixing the vehicle it needs to be assessed by our shop prior to ordering parts or commencing repairs.

Reasons for this are:

  1. We have to make sure the damages are assessed properly so that SGI is not going to deem your vehicle a “total loss”, this means that the damages are under 80% of what your vehicle is worth.
  2. We have to get approval from SGI before we order parts.  This is so that we do not have any re-stocking fees or order parts that cannot be returned if your vehicle is deemed a total loss


Once the vehicle has been assessed and the damages are approved then we order the parts.  We never start work on the vehicle until the majority of the parts have arrived and are verified that they are correct and not damaged by shipping.  This means that when we start the work we can then keep our clients fully updated throughout the process and provide accurate timelines for completion.  

Please remember that we will always have other vehicles in the shop. We are generally booked up to two weeks ahead.  We try to do everything on our power to get the tow in vehicles into our shop to get them fixed quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely. We understand the frustration of having your vehicle sit at SGI for weeks before it comes to our shop to start the process, but keep in mind that Bergen’s Auto Body can only process the work once it has been assessed by our team at our facility and the repair plan approved by SGI.  

Please note: the average vehicle that has been towed into our shop will be at our facility for a minimum of 10 work days before repairs begin, as explained, this is because of procedures that need to be followed.  Rest assured, once we get approval our process is quick and efficient, we totally understand your frustrations and respect your situation. We do our best to have your vehicle back in a timely manner and looking its best!!!

Please do not forget that we do have to follow the protocol to make sure we are fixing vehicles properly and safely to protect your families from future incidents.  Unsafe repairs could cause major injury and maybe death.  Here at Bergen’s Auto Body and Collision Centre, we treat you like family and that means we work hard to return your vehicles properly and most importantly safely!



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