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Regina Professional Auto Glass Repair and Replacement


When you have damaged auto glass, whether it’s a windshield or window, you can have it replaced. Contact Bergens, we are your Trusted Regina windshield and auto glass repair professionals, and we’ll have you seeing that road clearly in no time! Auto glass is a critical component of a vehicle’s safety system. Did you know that passenger side airbags need a structurally intact windshield to function properly? Don’t put yourself or your family at risk by delaying the repair or replacement of your damaged glass.

Before bringing a vehicle to Bergen’s we ask customers to fill out our unique intake questionnaire. This allows us to be proactive and means we can  present a detailed timeline for the repair plan on the day vehicles are dropped off.


Expert Staff at Bergen's

SGI Elite Accredited

To ensure the highest standards of auto glass replacement and repairs, we utilize the highest quality of replacement parts either that of original equipment or aftermarket glass and windshields; and the best sealants in the market for the installation backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Bergens Auto Body includes windshield replacement, back glass replacement, side glass replacement on all makes & models of vehicles.