Thank you for choosing Bergen’s Auto Body. Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire below prior to your assessment appointment. 

Please note: Your vehicle we will be here for approx. 2-3 hours, but it could be here longer depending on how severe the damage and how  in depth we have to go. Please understand to find all hidden damage we need to do a full dismantle, which takes time. On rare occasions we  find  vehicles unsafe to drive, in that case we have to take it off the road. We will inform you as soon as possible if that is the case. 

** Bergen’s Auto Body has your best interest in mind, which means safer, higher quality and more efficient repairs.

At Bergen’s Auto Body “We treat you like Family”

Intake Questionnaire

IS SGI PAYING YOUR DEDUCTIBLE? You will need to provide a letter from SGI stating your deductible is waived or you will be liable for paying your deductible. (SGI has a payment plan option, if interested, go directly to an SGI claim centre for the form. SGI MUST sign the bottom, we need a copy to verify)

DO YOU REQUIRE A RENTAL? Is it covered by SGI? If not, we can offer you a rental at $30 per day for a car/ $35 per day for a truck/ suv/ van. **If you require a rental Enterprise requires a credit card to be put on file for any incidentals, EG; not returning the vehicle with a full tank of gas. If you do not have a credit card a $50 deposit is required.

Were you & all passengers wearing seatbelts?

DO YOU HAVE EXTRA INSURANCE? Please provide us with a paper copy of your policy or have your broker fax a copy to: 306-352-9956.

WOULD YOU LIKE A PRIVATE ESTIMATE? EG; windshield, dents etc. Any extra damages that are being repaired while your vehicle is being fixed on an insurance claim, are billed at a discounted labour rate of $75/ hour. We want to help as much as we can.

How did you hear about Bergen’s?

Please ensure that you show up for your assessment appointment, we require provide 48 hours cancellation notice for all appoitments. If we have no shows in the shop we are short hours for our technicians.

It is VERY important to book your vehicle in for repairs once the assessment is completed.


Please remove ALL excess belongings, BEFORE dropping your vehicle off for repairs. Bergen’s Auto Body are not responsible for any items left in your vehicle.

Garage door opener – child safety seat – cell phone/ charger – keys- other valuables – parking permit – items in trunk – clothing.

*Please advise us of any aftermarket/specialty parts required for your vehicle.

Please ensure your vehicle has at least a half tank of gas when dropping off for repair.
*If we have to fill your vehicle there will be an extra charge.

*Some aftermarket car starters require reprogramming. If this is not covered by the claim there will be an extra charge, we will let you know if this is required and call you.

We will provide updates on your vehicle throughout the repair process via text or phone call, if you have questions you may call us anytime.

Thank you for your time,

Bergen’s team