Bergens Auto Body is a family-owned SGI auto body shop and a Trusted Regina collision repair expert.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like family! We are proud to have over 80 Years of Auto Body Experience, and have been serving Regina Autobody needs for over 30 Years….In our latest Bergen’s auto body and collision repair tip, we share news about SGI Accreditation & the High Performance Partner recognition we have been awarded! 

2022 SGI Accreditation & Recognition

The team at Bergens’ are proud to share that in August 2022,  Bergen’s Auto Body received a communication from SGI to inform us that we have been recognized as a Partner in the Inaugural High Performance Partner Program.  


“ Congratulations! Thanks to your strong performance and service excellence, you’ve been selected to join our new High Performance Partner Program (HPPP) one of 41 accredited repair shops in Saskatchewan to achieve this status.

Being a member of this exclusive program means your shop ranks in the top 20 per cent of all industry partners when it comes to our specific HPPP metric. In short, you’ve earned this status because of your strong customer satisfaction scores, your ability to find more ways to repair parts versus ordering new, and your higher SGI acceptance rate with your repair estimates.” 

 Higher Standards Are Better For Consumers 

SGI Standards Have Been steadily Increasing over the last few years. 
Effective  in  2021, any auto body shops failing to meet an upgraded set of equipment and training requirements saw their labor rate cut in half by Saskatchewan’s government-affiliated auto insurer.  In addition, as per the statement below, accredited Saskatchewan collision repairers must now use OEM repair procedures.

“All collision repair partners are required to access OEM repair procedures as part of the repair planning process,” SGI wrote. “Shops are also being asked to ensure that they document all repairs requiring panel or structural component replacement or sectioning. Please include photos of undressed welds and any sleeves/backing used to reinforce sectioned panels/structure (upload into Mitchell as part of the claim).”

“SGI is updating the requirements to be SGI-accredited to match up with the minimum training, tools, and equipment required to safely and properly repair customers’ vehicles,” the insurer wrote.

If you are in Regina simply book your vehicle with us at Bergens Auto Body. We are an experienced Regina auto body shop and we are always ahead of the technological curve and industry advancements. 

Here at Bergen’s Auto Body & Collision Centre, we treat you like family and that means we work hard to give your vehicles back to you properly and most importantly safely!

Bergen’s AutoBody & Collision Centre are Trusted Regina Auto Body Experts …and they are waiting to help you.

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